The GCHS is always engaged in projects to restore and promote the interesting and unique history of Greene County Pennsylvania.

Currently we are engaged in the continued restoration and rehabilitation of our historic 52 room structure that once served as the County Home or Almshouse. Over the last several years we have rehabilitated many rooms in our building, including the Main Exhibit Hall and General Store, as well as adding many new exhibit rooms throughout. We have most recently started repairing the over 100 windows in the main building to make them operational again. In the future we plan to continue restoring rooms, repairing plaster, repainting in historically appropriate colors and repairing windows.

The Greene County Historical Society is home to the Waynesburg and Washington Railroad. We are proud to announce we have completed the building that houses the 1916 Locomotive Number 4, installed an engine inspection pit, replaced all 400 feet of rail (including ties) and started the restoration of Coach Number 6. It is our hopes over the next few years to completely restore the coach to its former glory and showcase what it would have been like to have traveled between Waynesburg and Washington on the W&W Railroad around the turn of the century.