GCHS houses well over 30,000 artifacts pertaining to the heritage of Greene County and the surrounding area. Please come see for yourself! Listed below are a few examples of the many on-going exhibits the GCHS has to offer:

Historic Bedrooms

Family heritage at GCHS runs deep. Step into the bedrooms and living situations of early settlers all the way up to the late 19th century!

Victorian Parlor Rooms

Feeling classy? Come explore our parlor rooms, featuring hundreds of beautifully crafted artifacts directly tied to the Victorian era!

General Store

Find yourself lost in the museum’s general store, encountering thousands of different goods and materials from the 19th century on!

Poor House Cells

The basement’s inmate cells are some of the creepiest parts of the museum, many speculate it may be haunted.

Poor Farm Living

Located on the 2nd floor of the West Wing, these rooms give a glimpse of what life may have been like during the Poor Farm Days.

Military Room

A mixture of WWI and WWII items, featuring a German MG 08 machine gun


Our Chapel room has an Altar, pews and a stained-glass window replica that all come from Greene County

Dr. Office

With antique medical tools and equipment, this room shows what a turn of the century doctors office may have looked like.


The hand-hewn logs and stone fireplace of the cabin are a step back in time.

Print Shop

The Print Shop features working printing press equipment.


Original to the property, the barn is constructed with hand-hewn logs and mortise and tenon joints.